Share The Social Recruiting Love!

Share The Social Recruiting Love!

Social Recruiting, It's Personal.
Social & Mobile Recruiting Go Hand In Hand!

Do you care about your followers & fans?

To build your fan base, following, tribe, whatever you want to call it, takes time. It’s time well spent because it improves quality of hire, cultural fit, retention, productivity and, of course, saves a bucket load of cash.

So why do companies build their following and then ignore them? It makes no sense.

It’s time to share the social recruiting love before you lose applicants. And the potential applicants they tell. And the people they tell.

It’s so easy that this is going to be a very short post!


Don’t do this!

Spotify have built 78,687 followers on LinkedIn but sometimes fail to respond to them…

social recruiting love

Ford Motor Company have 492,526 people following their LinkedIn company page and this below is, sadly, typical.

social recruiting love


Do this!

The Marriott take excellent care of their fans on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

social recruiting love


And there’s no need to rely on your comms team either. Below is SABMiller’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition showing you how easy it is to share the love.

social recruiting love


It takes but a moment to make someone feel special.

They could be your next hire.

Or their friend.

Or their friend’s friend.

Or their…

Make 2015, the year you spread your social recruiting love!