Has Sharing LinkedIn Updates Become Pointless?

Has Sharing LinkedIn Updates Become Pointless?

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Organic LinkedIn updates are near invisible!

I’ve been going on and on about this for 18 months now. Organic LinkedIn updates – the updates we post ourselves – are becoming a waste of time.

Of course I was ignored, LinkedIn doesn’t care about little old me.

Nor do they care about any of their members, which is silly because LinkedIn sells its members as a product.

Yes, you. You are LinkedIn’s product.

But LinkedIn only cares about its shareholders.

So LinkedIn introduces things that cause people to upgrade, like the Commercial Use Limit, and then they ruin the site’s likability by removing your right to set your feed as you wish.

Enough is enough.

If I kept taking away services from my paying clients, they’d leave.

If I provided a paid service that my clients no longer found valuable, they’d leave.


Think about this LinkedIn….

I’m a job seeker, currently looking for a new opportunity. Encouraged by your marketing I join LinkedIn, the ‘professional’ network, because you state on your About page:

Our mission is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.

So I start connecting to potential employers and Recruiters and I build a good network of 2900 connections.

And, as you encourage, I start sharing updates so that my network will see me as professional and so I won’t have to spam my connections with hundreds of messages asking for a job.

So why have you reduced the visibility of my updates when I’m paying for your service?

The value of being part of a ‘social’ network is the ability to share updates, updates that people can choose to read and respond to. If the only choice you’re giving me LinkedIn, is to send messages to my connections, I may as well have stayed using email.

It was bad enough when you reset every single members news feed to Top each and every day but now this?


Now you reset my news feed to Top every time I change page?

This is the impact you’re having on the visibility of my updates…. the updates I share “to be great at what I do”

LinkedIn Updates

How is it possible that just 3 people saw my update in a network of 2934 first level connections.

Ah yes, everybody’s news feed is stuck on Top.

Did you know LinkedIn sets your news feed to Top every time you click Home?Click To Tweet

In case you haven’t noticed LinkedIn, you’re not Facebook.

You are not catering to the data load of 1.39 BILLION users like Facebook is. So we forgive that Facebook doesn’t serve us up everything that’s going on. And we love that we can set our feed to Recent, and it stay that way.

You don’t have 890 million daily users. You have circa 45 million daily users.

And it would make sense that the majority of your daily users are Sales people, Recruiters, Marketers and so on, who are more inclined to pay for Recruiter Seats and Premium Licenses.

The vast majority of Facebook’s 890 million daily users do not pay. So really Facebook can play around with it as much as they like… because we are not paying customers.

But you do it LinkedIn because you want people to pay for promoted posts [that will only be seen your small active user base].


LinkedIn, your product is your members.

$369 million of your revenue comes from Talent solutions – this is you selling member data to Recruiters. But if members are fed up with the site, they won’t visit, they won’t respond. Your product will become worthless to Recruiters.

$153 million comes from Marketing solutions – this is you selling member data to Marketers. But if members are fed up with the site, they won’t visit, they won’t respond. Your product will become worthless to Marketers.

$121 million from Premium solutions  – members choosing to pay for extra services… or as they’re finding out fewer extra services over time.

When was the last time you asked your members (your product!) what they’d like? What would keep them on the site? What would “help them be great at what they do?”

Final thought LinkedIn, remember MySpace?


My HR/Recruiter readers…

Under the new layout your LinkedIn updates show near the top (see the pink arrow) and if you click on the … (see the other pink arrow) you can change your feed to Recent, then Pulse will appear and posts in order.


You will need to change it every time your click Home, or your feed will stay immobile.

Do you see the point of sharing any organic LinkedIn posts about your company if they’ll receive so few views?

Pointless now really.


HR/Recruiters, a few other things to think about…

LinkedIn’s move to introduce a search cap was clever. Recruiters using a free account are forced to upgrade when they’ve run too many searches or be stuck until the new month.

Why is it clever?

  • Many will upgrade – fair enough if they’re having success using it – that makes LinkedIn’s shareholders happy
  • Many will just open up a fake account… in fact, I know many recruiters with up to 50 free accounts – that also makes LinkedIn shareholders happy, because LinkedIn ‘appears’ to be growing.

LinkedIn does other things to bump up how used the site appears.

If your LinkedIn messages come through to your email inbox, you will notice that when you reply now, instead of continuing the exchange by email, it’s being redirected through LinkedIn’s messaging.

That makes it ‘appear’ that more people are using the site than they are – this makes the shareholders happy and makes it look like it’s a great place to keep using for recruitment.


The truth

What I’m hearing everyday from members and Recruiters alike, is that they’ve had enough.

They’re fed up with the spamming.

They’re fed up with the fake profiles.

They’re tired of receiving notifications about LinkedIn blog posts. (…oh and don’t think your LinkedIn blog posts are worth the effort now, my last one had just 410 views)

They’re fed up of the changes being made that negatively impact on their use of the platform.

People have stopped using the site like they used to.


Is it time you did too?

Is it time you went and found your new employees somewhere else?

When you search Google for yourself, your LinkedIn profile is way up there. So tart it up but try somewhere new to search.


It’s 2015, the market is candidate driven. It’s time to get pro-active.

It’s time to get ahead of the crowd, those who will keep doing the same old stuff even if it’s failing.

There are so many other places to find your new recruits… spread your net!

Don’t know how? Ask The Searchologist.