Social Collaboration & Breathing Life Into Dinosaurs

Social Collaboration & Breathing Life Into Dinosaurs

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Is social collaboration just fantasy or possible?

As Moderator for the Social Collaboration track at #HRTechEurope, it was lovely to come out of my social recruiting bubble and see the wider user of social media in the workplace.

As a member of the Blog Squad, I loved the buzz of our press room and the fab conversation happening on the Twitter back channel!

A few things that I discovered in the 2 days, I really appreciate:

  • Being born in the early 70s, so I have seen the evolution of technology and can truly appreciate the freedom technology brings to my working life!
  • That I have embraced technology as it enables my business and my ability to blog, which is like oxygen to me. (Loved that quote from Euan Semple!)
  • Shorter walks 😉

Below is a Storify, which summarises the keynotes and the Social Collaboration track. Yes, it’s long but it’s full of hidden gems!

But in case you haven’t got a moment now, this is how I summarised the track in the panel discussion.


Middle Management Buy-In Is Key

But start at the top like Grant Thornton!

Paul Thomas, a self-confessed middle-manager, shared their great site Spilling The Beans, where grads on their programme speak to future grads, and the journey they’re on to being more social.

And, if a Chartered Accounting firm’s CEO can be on Twitter and spend time tweeting with his grads, what’s your company’s excuse?


Think Social Collaboration is a waste of your company’s time?

Share these stats from Kim Wylie at Google with your senior management…


Think Social Collaboration tools are expensive?

The passion that Daiga Ergle showed for airBaltic’s FREE Social Collaboration tool was infectious.

Home grown and free to create.

Sure, it’s a work in progress but they’ve made it light – have 1/3rd of their employees bought into it so far – and have saved $1 million!


Don’t let the naysayers wear you down!

Euan Semple said simply, “you are going to go back super charged from what you’ve heard – don’t let the naysayers wear you down!”


Adding my own thoughts…

Remain focused on the pain you’re solving and be excited about it.

What was the best swag at #HRTechEurope? The ones that offered a solution.

  • Servicenow’s external battery for battery pain relief!
  • Questback’s beer & stress moose (obviously) for bogger fatigue relief
  • HRCloud’s launch party & travel pillow for more stress relief and comfort during the hangover 😉

As a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know social media can give you pain relief in recruitment (and that I am excited about that!)

So why not use social media to collaborate?

Don’t you agree that happy employees = a happy company?


Wondering about the dinosaurs? Read on!