Want Better Social Media Engagement?

Want Better Social Media Engagement? Add Some Sparkle!

Recruiters, Are You Ready For Your Social Media Inspection?
It's Time To Smarten Up Your Company's Social Reputation!

Want better candidate engagement?

In the same way that you can share too much of the wrong stuff, you can share too little of the right stuff!

In 2015, finding people online won’t be your problem. Getting their response will be.

If you want to improve your candidate response rate you need to look like somebody worth talking too. Add some sparkle to your profiles and improve your social media engagement!


Polish Up Your LinkedIn Headline

Your headline matters more than you think… especially if you’re still sending unexplained invites to connect because this is all that people see in their inbox:

Social Media Engagement

To be kind, I’ve deleted the name, company name, phone number and and email address from the headline but you get the idea that it tells me little.

So instead, make it easy for people to see what you’re about (and of course, personalise that invite!!! More on that soon! …and yes you still can do so on mobile and desktop!)

Here are a few examples to inspire you:



They’re interesting and painting a picture. They make you want to know more right?


Add A Banner Shot & Cheery Profile Pic


Amanda has been super clever here, she’s used the AO.com commercial as her banner photo, explained clearly what she does in her headline, and in case you’re still not sure added a profile photo, where she looks relaxed and approachable, right in front of a wall of code! Job done.


Inject Some Colour

Upload links and rich media to inject colour and give insight into your company. Becs_Wells___LinkedIn

Let job seekers see what it’s like to work for you. I’d reply to a message from Bizzby, would you?


Come Out From Behind The Logo

Recruitment is a person to person game so why tweet as a logo? You don’t try and add a connection on LinkedIn as a company page, so why be a logo on Twitter?

You’ll attract far more talent and improve engagement if you tweet as, well, you.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 13.54.03

Cheery photo, branded banner shot, completed bio… I’d follow Jennifer back, wouldn’t you?


Using Other Social Media Sites?

Repeat the above. (Except maybe for Facebook: see part one!)

The more you share, the more you explain, the more approachable you are, the more response you’ll get from candidates in 2015.