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All The Secrets Of Social Job SearchEverything You Need To Take Control Of Your Job Search

Fed up with your job search ups & downs?


Not every job is advertised.

In fact, using traditional job search methods you are fighting over only the 20% that are.

Frustrating, right?

No wonder your job application can’t be seen among the masses!


But why wait for the scraps when you could be on a social job search?

Discover how social media gives you access to jobs like never before.

Use social media the way recruiters do.

All The Secrets Of Social Job Search is written by a recruiter for you, the job seeker. It contains all the experience and understanding that I’ve gained in over 10 years recruiting and 10 years of using social media to recruit.

Discover how to find and contact Recruiters and HR on social media; it’s all in the eBook.


In All The Secrets Of Social Job Search, That Nobody Ever Told You:

  • Find out how to effectively use the major social media sites to showcase your skills
  • Discover how to find job opportunities in hidden places, and
  • Be introduced to a number of new networks that could be invaluable to your job hunt.

In full colour, with step-by-step easy to follow instructions, you’ll be in your dream job in no time.


This is your complete social job search guide to:

  • Presenting yourself on LinkedIn
  • Finding & contacting recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Protecting your reputation on Facebook
  • Where to find jobs on Facebook
  • How Twitter can be used in your job hunt
  • A range of other networks you must know about!

All the information you need to take control of your job hunt in one place for just $2.97!


Stop struggling to find a job.

Invest $2.97 in yourself and use social media to land your dream job. That’s only ≈ £1.95* or €2.65*

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