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Is social media just for product or service promotion?

As we celebrated International Women’s Day, we thought it was only fitting to have an all-woman show so invited Cyndy Trevilla to challenge our perception about the use of social media for recruitment.

With over 20 years of experience within the talent and recruitment industry, Cyndy is now VP of Strategic Relations for new social media platform entrant, Workscene. As an avid user of social media, she also collaborates with Steve Levy on Open Mic Chat (#OMCchat), a Twitter-based community that provides networking opportunities to people in a variety of employment situations.

As an early-adopter, Cyndy tells us about her time agency side where she partnered with big brands to “create programmes for retention, recruiting, onboarding and leadership” and how she witnessed the challenge for others to adapt to the changing market and how she “saw the value and vision in being more strategic, more planned, more accurate” as this delivered “better results”. In her opinion “it was hard to deny that strategy was the way to go”.

Big picture – brand awareness!

Cyndy believes, whilst it is useful, “LinkedIn is not social media, it’s more of a repository for people’s digital profiles” and “Twitter and Facebook don’t directly help you to promote your companies” – the net result, a lot of noise across social platforms. Add in the observation that “candidates have been conditioned to go to job boards” and you have a disconnect between what you want to achieve with social media and the end results.

In contrast, candidates can take encouragement by being able to “look at a company’s culture before they start looking for opportunities” by using review sites, because “at the fundamental level, people need to be aligned to the company mission, vision and values”.

If that wasn’t enough, watch the replay or listen to the podcast and you’ll hear Cyndy talk about:

  • Using employees for brand advocacy
  • Company and employee transparency
  • Generational silos
  • Facebook’s complex algorithm
  • ‘Hunt mode’ versus ‘inbound recruiting mode’


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