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Before You Act, Check The Social Recruiting Facts!

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Not checking your social recruiting facts?

Watch out if you are blindly following someone else’s advice! Your social media accounts could end up blocked or even deleted.

It’s brilliant that Recruiters and Sourcers collaborate and exchange ideas. That they’re curious to find workarounds and hacks. But, you also need to be aware of the consequences and not blindly tell others what to do.

For example, I caught this conversation in a Facebook group:

Social recruiting facts

And though I loved that this Sourcer is engaging properly in Facebook groups, I was concerned about the advice being shared because of point 4.2 in your Facebook terms and conditions.

social recruiting facts

[On pointing this out, this Sourcer did edit this post, and I am so grateful for that 🙂 ]


A few Facebook social recruiting facts:

  • 2 personal profiles, which is what we create when we sign up, whether used for professional or personal purposes, breaches clause 4.2
  • You don’t need to add anyone as a friend to use Facebook for recruitment.
  • BUT, if someone wants to connect and you’re ok with that, you can use Facebook friends lists to keep things separate!
  • If you send a Facebook message request, people will look at your profile, and if it’s a “work” one with few friends, they’ll think that odd, right?
  • With 2 billion Facebook users, people will look at your profile whether you’re recruiting there or not. So make your profile profersonal; lock away the “interesting” photos, untag yourself from any controversial public posts, use a recognisable photo, and fill out your bio. You can use View As to see what the public sees. 


A LinkedIn example

In no way shape or form do I drink LinkedIn’s Kool-Aid but it’s their site and their rules. They gathered the 500 million profiles and, whether it irks me off or not, it’s their data to do with as they please.

So before you blindly follow or share the information detailed in a post like this one “Unlimited “InMails” – LinkedIn “Hack”” be aware that you are promoting something that is in direct violation of your LinkedIn User Agreement and could lead to your account being blocked or deleted.

By using LinkedIn you have agreed to point S under the Don’ts of the User Agreement. [Seriously, watch this video]

social recruiting facts

Final thought, I’ve seen much hysteria, confusion and misinformation about which Chrome Extensions do or do not breach LinkedIn’s new User Agreement. Please be wary and ask the developers. If the developers of these handy tools don’t know, make them find out, because you’ve built up a network of connections and the only person who will care if you lose your account is you.


I promise to return with less ranting soon!