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Chief Searchologist, Katrina Collier, is a popular speaker at conferences, seminars, networking events, on radio, video and on live webinars. Confident and engaging, Keynote, Ted-style or Session Speaker, Panelist, Track Lead, and MC.

Engaging your audience with the latest social recruiting insight

Providing proven tips and inspiration that will benefit your audience; sharing social recruiting expertise that is valuable to both hiring companies and recruitment agencies. The audience will feel that they are involved in a conversation, not being spoken at.

It is social recruiting after all!

As your HR & Recruitment Speaker, Katrina will be looking to you for direction to ensure that the presentation engages your audience. Her social recruiting expertise covers topics like, but is not limited to:

In the ever changing world of social media recruitment, there’s always something new to discuss, from the latest fad to the proven staples, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Now social media recruitment is proven, it’s a topic of great interest on both sides of the hiring fence. Experience includes:

SourceCon Spring 2017, Social Recruiting Strategies Conference USA 2016, RecruitDC USA 2016, #SOSU Sourcing Summits Singapore, NZ & Australia, (to the) Singapore Government, HR Summits Romania, HR Innovation Summit Barcelona, DK Recruitment Day Denmark
Sourcecon, #SOSU Europe, DisruptHR NYC [video], Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (San Francisco), TMA’s Talent Acquisition Summit, In-House & Recruitment Agency Expos, HR Vision, and more
HR Tech Europe, 2015, Havas People SMWLondon

CIPD, TLConnect, In-House & Recruitment Agency Expos
CIPD Social HR Conference, TruLondon, UKRecruiter, HRevolution
Entelo, Jobscience, Talent Management Alliance, TLNT ERE Media

Pete RadloffI’ve had the pleasure of seeing Katrina speak on several occasions. What makes her stand out from the crowd is her engaging personality and energy. She has the ability to capture the attention of the audience and keep them engaged the entire way through, which is rare. Her content is contextual, relevant and able to be put into practice by recruiters – tomorrow. In addition to her professional attributes, she’s also a fantastic human, and someone people genuinely want to spend time with. If you are looking for some sourcing and recruiting training for your team, I’d highly suggest having a conversation with Katrina before making any decisions!” 

– Pete Radloff, Principal Technical Recruiter

Katrina Collier Keynote RecruitDC

Keynote Speaker on Candidate Engagement at RecruitDC in Washington DC, May 2016

Upcoming HR & Recruitment speaker engagements:

Keynote: Dallas, September 2017 “The War for Attention!” Forget the war for talent, with the right knowhow it’s always possible to find the right people. What you’re really fighting for is attention. Social Recruiting Expert Katrina Collier will share: How technology opened the door to your company and how it impacts hiring, see real examples and discover simple (and free) changes that improve talent acquisition immediately, and how easily you can use employee generated content to attract great people. 
Speaker: London, September 2017 “Social Recruiting In An Age Of Automation & Transparency” Technology opened the door to your company and it is impacting your hiring, see the good, the bad, the ugly of social media recruitment automation, see real examples and discover simple (and free) changes that improve talent acquisition and why reaching beyond LinkedIn to other social networks is crucial in 2017

Speaker: Berlin, September 2017. “Candidate Engagement Takes More Than Savvy Sourcing Skills” : 3.7 billion people use the Internet. Finding people is easy; some Boolean here, a sourcing tool there, and boom you’ve found the ideal candidate …and their contact details! So why are they ignoring you? Why isn’t tech helping? Why is candidate engagement tougher? Katrina Collier will challenge you to ask, “do I deserve a candidate’s attention?”
Keynote Speaker: ERE Fall, Minneapolis USA. “Leading Edge Companies Rock Transparency” : Technology opened the door to your business; social media shifted recruitment into a world full of new possibilities. Yet few embrace its potential and many are making talent acquisition harder for themselves. In 2017, competition for our attention is fierce; the Internet has created immense distraction. Do you even deserve the attention of highly sort after talent? 
Keynote Speaker, Brno, November 2017 “Can we automate being human?” In recruitment we love to call people anything but people; we call them candidates, talent, resources, and worse. Have we forgotten how to be human in this automated age? Have all the tools and shortcuts made us forget how to approach people as, erm, people? Is that why terms like hyperpersonlization and profersonal are on the rise? Katrina Collier will challenge sourcers & recruiters to rise above the robotics and to put the human back in. You’ll see clear examples of why the wrong automation only creates noise and discover how to ensure you’re not losing that all important personal touch, because isn’t recruitment really all about engaging with people?”

I met Katrina at a Team Offsite we held on 25th/26th April in Rüdesheim, Germany and had been told that she would be talking to us about Social Media Recruiting, which sounded interesting, but not overly exciting. I could not have been more wrong! Katrina is so passionate about her job and presents in such an inspiring way that, by lunch, I was ready to jack in my Team Leader role and go back to hands-on sourcing! Thank you, Katrina, it was an amazing morning. 

Bettina Starkmann, Team Leader Recruitment & Employer Reputation

To book Katrina drop her a line or call +447917880711

Wendy Rabel - Testimonial for Katrina Collier HR & Recruitment SpeakerI recently had the pleasure of seeing Katrina present to the Talent Acquisition Summit in Dallas, Texas. Katrina’s presentation style is smack-you-upside-the-head-engaging! She challenged a room of seasoned TA professionals to think outside the box when sourcing hard-to-find talent and to boldly pick up the phone and engage in authentic, live conversations with prospects when building a talent pipeline. If you get a chance to see Katrina live, DO IT! 

Wendy Rabel, Team Lead Talent Acquisition

RecFest London, UK 2017

“Recruiter Are You Worth Talking To?” a 20 minute keynote on candidate engagement.

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Katrina Collier - Keynote




Sylvia MartinI had the great pleasure to hear and meet Katrina personally at the Global HR Innovation Summit in Barcelona. She is not only an expert in her field but also a vibrant and entertaining speaker. She easily navigates from “The one click application – to personalise your approach to the candidate to – Snapchat as a recruitment channel”. She provides insights into how to find the candidates with the rare skills by broadening the scope of social media channels to use. You also hear on how to approach candidates in an attractive way. For everyone being challenged finding the right talents I can highly recommend to take one of the trainings Katrina offers. 

– Sylvia Martin, AVP IHR Service Delivery, AT&T

Madalina Hodorog - Testimonial for Katrina Collier HR & Recruitment SpeakerI had the chance to meet Katrina during a HR conference organised in Romania and I was pleased to meet a very detailed-oriented person interested in sharing her experience and knowledge with other people. Her energy is captivating and it is highly visible that she loves her job. Her presentations are captivating as she provides information in a very structured manner with plenty of tips and tricks. I am so glad in meeting you!

Madalina Hodorog, Project Manager, Libero Events (Signal Connect, Romania)

Amanda Lewis - Testimonial for Katrina Collier HR & Recruitment SpeakerKatrina presented a session at my “Social Recruiting Strategies” event in NYC this summer. She was fantastic! She connects with the audience and keeps them engaged, entertained and happy, all while teaching them how to be successful using social media for recruiting! I would love to have her present at another event – She always makes time to chat and strategise, all the while teaching me something I didn’t know.

– Amanda Lewis, Director of Strategic Content, Talent Management Alliance

Rachel Read - Testimonial for Katrina Collier HR & Recruitment SpeakerKatrina recently gave a great talk on social media in recruitment to the Strategic HR Forum in Cambridge. Not only does she really know her stuff – she was bubbling over with tips – but her enthusiasm and involvement with the audience is a real breath of fresh air – great for a breakfast meeting! I recommend her in a flash.

– Rachel Read, Director, The Helix Consultancy

- Teri Etherington, Recruitment InternationalWhen I had a speaker pull out at the last minute Katrina was recommended to me, and she saved the day. She was prompt with her presentation and constantly in contact prior to the event. She was the first speaker and Katrina was a hit! She immediately engaged the delegates with interested and relevant content.

– Teri Etherington, Recruitment International

Mike Taylor

Katrina spoke at the 2012 Social Media in Recruitment Conference that I organised. I would definitely recommend Katrina as a speaker as she has some great knowledge and experience of Social Media, not only from a Recruiters perspective but also from helping Job Seekers as well.

– Mike Taylor, Event Organiser 

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