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Social Stories: Instagram Vs. Snapchat

You Can Recruit On Snapchat, How?
Recap Will Give Recruiters An Edge

Instagram Stories or Snapchat, well it depends

Rather than proffer my initial thoughts on the Snapchat clone Instagram Stories, I’ve waited a month since their launch. My opinion hasn’t changed too much, they’re still a poorly substitute to Snapchat, which I love seeing Recruiters use to create social stories.

Around the same time Snapchat integrated Bitmoji and I’ve had a lot of fun using my cartoon character in snaps and messages to my Snapmates… so I am trying to be unbiased here but I think I may be a sucker for the bling.


While I was in the middle of dreaming up this post, one of my favourite Snaprecruiters José Watson, shared this story between Instagram and Snapchat. It’s fun and he seems to share my thoughts.



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Who are you looking to recruit?

Deciding whether to use Instagram, Snapchat or any other network really comes down to knowing who you want to find and what network they are most likely to use. If you don’t know, let’s chat.

Even without its new social stories, Instagram is very useful. It has an active daily user base that is over 3 times busier than LinkedIn’s monthly user base. It’s great for branding and for sourcing and makes it easy to cross post to other social networks. Snapchat also has an impressive active user base and can be easily incorporated into your employer branding efforts. [Checkout The Academy for more]


Which do you prefer Instagram Stories or Snapchat?