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#SpeakingForAll – Invest in diverse speaker line-ups

This week’s show title can only mean one person! The delightful Louise Triance. She joins us to talk about the Facebook group, #SpeakingForAll. Which Katrina and Louise co-founded with Audra Knight, over 2 years ago. The question for Louise, and Katrina, is simple.  Do you think we have more diversity in speaker line-ups at recruitment events?

Louise says, “I think that some event organisers have either taken on-board the feedback we have kindly, and subtly, given them – or – they’ve just recognised for themselves, through some sort of osmosis, that they need to step up their game!” She goes on to tell us, “broadly speaking, I think things have improved”.

We ask Louise about the migration to virtual events and whether this would be advantageous to event organisers thinking about diverse speaker line-ups and she says, “yes, and that is something I very strongly feel – there is even less excuse for not having a diverse line-up.”

Headhunting your speaker line-up

We ask Louise about new speakers and how she approaches and encourages those first-time speakers to join an event line-up and she says, “one of the things you could think about is the format of which you want them to talk, so it’s maybe it’s more comfortable to be part of a panel the first time you speak”.

With her experience of adding seasoned speakers to event line-ups, we ask Louise if she encounters any reluctant speakers, she tells us, “the sort of challenges I get are people saying ‘I’m not really the expert on that’, the other thing I hear is – I think my boss would be better suited to do this” and she goes on to say, “in every single one of those cases, their boss or colleague was a man – and I have to say, I actually want you to speak!”


If that wasn’t enough, you’ll hear Louise talk about:

  • What’s Recruitment Working Lunch?  
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the events landscape
  • What is a ‘manel’? 
  • Diversity of speaker panels in-person versus online
  • Is Virtual Reality (VR) events the future of the space?
  • Live versus Pre-Record Speaker Events  


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