Textio Helps You Improve Gender Diversity In A Snap

Textio Helps You Improve Gender Diversity In A Snap

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Diversity is such a hot recruitment topic & pain point

It’s also a broad topic, covering ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education, and religion. And then there are our diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles and cultures. So today I am helping you tackle just one, gender diversity.

Gender diversity, which is what Textio claims to help with, seems to swing both ways, too many men in some occupations, too many women in others.

Who knew that simply swapping out a few words in our job posts could have such an impact!Click To Tweet

I knew that we women will only apply to a job when we feel sure we can do everything asked for and that men are far more likely to apply even if they know they can only do a few of the requirements, but the following experiment surprised me…

Have a look at the new & improved Textio:



Quick Wins

At Oracle’s Social Sourcing event, we also discussed other things that you could do with such ease to encourage diverse applications. For example, adding a photo of one of your female engineers into your advertisement or making it really powerful with a short video.

…and write about it, share it, demystify it. This is powerful:




To see the other key takeaways I shared at the event, check out Chris Withey’s post, Engage the power of Social Sourcing in your Talent Acquisition.


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