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It’s Time To Hear The Hiring Partner Perspective!

The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited) is a new podcast from Katrina Collier


I’m Katrina Collier and as part of my mission to get all the people that recruit people to treat people better, I felt HR & recruiters needed a podcast where they could hear from hiring leaders directly and so The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unlimited) was born.

But you won’t hear from just any hiring leaders! Oh, no. I will only be interviewing the best ones; getting under the skin of those who proactively partner with recruiters & HR for the greater good of the business. What can we learn from them? How can we grow, adapt, mould and shape so that all of our hiring managers become our partners? I will also be asking what advice they have for their peers, other people in the hiring hot seat.

But why are you calling them hiring partners, Katrina, not hiring managers?

Because they are not managing the recruitment process, we are! They are in partnership with HR & recruiters and I want both sides to not only understand this but I also want them to adopt this way of thinking because, if they do, everyone is going to have a better experience, especially those candidates!


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