The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast

The Podcast

The #SocialRecruiting Show is also a podcast!

You’ll miss the faces we pull or when the beard game is strong… but you will be able to hear Katrina Collier and Glenn Martin‘s chats with people in the HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, and Employer Branding space. We talk all things recruiting, marketing, sourcing, employer branding, social media, diversity & inclusion, and more.

It’s the perfect light-hearted way to expand your knowledge and be inspired.

Every Friday, the show broadcasts live at 3pm UK time and though it’s fantastic when people join in live, we get that it is a commitment to sit down and watch no matter how great the guest is, and they are fabulous! So now you can listen on your favourite podcast app at a time that suits you.

Simply head to The #SocialRecruiting Show podcast and select ‘listen in your favourite app’


Rated: PG – though headset use is recommended! 😉


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