The Searchologist – Same Great Training, A Better Fitting Name!

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If the shoe don’t fit this social recruiting training…

When I set out on this journey over 6 years ago, I started by helping Job Seekers make great use of social media.

I remember so clearly tossing around potential company names with my mate Stuart and and the excitement that came from selecting Winning Impression. It made sense… then.

But my passion always lay in delivering social recruiting training and transforming HR and Recruiters into confident social media users and sourcers. So once I defected, my company name made little sense. In fact, I grew to be frustrated by the constant addition of an s.

Pulling my hair out searching for a name!

I’ll confess though, I’ve spent many a year trying to think of a new and appropriate name to no avail. Ok I may not have really pulled my hair out but it’s been a challenge!

I don’t believe in calling people talent or resource or capital. I didn’t want to use recruitment or hiring nor did I want the restriction of using social.

After all, finding people online is easy but getting people to respond, now that’s an art.



Jim Stroud (Oscar Mager)

What shoes?” Jim Stroud #SOSUEurope

Stole Found one!

Well, won the most amazing one.

Can you imagine how excited I was when Jim Stroud entrusted me to pick up the mantle of The Searchologist?

Such a massive pair of shoes to fill but what a name.


The Searchologist encapsulates all that I do

Jim Stroud Katrina Collier

#SOSU Antics with Jim Stroud

Isn’t recruitment all about searching?

  • As a Recruiter you’re searching   for people so I show you where to find them and how to  engage them  effectively  (no spamming here!)
  • Candidates search for you before they reply or apply, so I show you how to look like someone worth talking to!
  • Job Seekers search for your Company and Jobs so I show you the best way to be heard over the social media noise



And you still have many ways to become a Certified Searchologist


I’m mega excited for the future of The Searchologist and thrilled you’re along for the ride.

P.S. Special thanks to Seyoum Abay for your website wizardry & patience and to Kiwani Dolean for the inspired logo design.