Not gaining Twitter followers? Here’s why.

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Logo to person = Twitter followers fail!

I am sure, you don’t think anything of sending an email to a candidate using your own name.

You add a new connection or send a message/InMail using your own LinkedIn profile.

On Facebook you interact with friends and colleagues using your own name.

So why on Twitter do you hide behind a logo and expect candidates to interact with you?

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All day I’ve been followed by logos… ok by a person at a company, but who? So I thought I’d share the process I take when notified of a new Twitter follower…

1. Look for a face

Hmm, no face or background photo… (if I’m really honest, I stop here)

Twitter followers


2. Following to Followers

Hmm, Kayman are following way more than are following back. Not a good sign.


3. Check the bio

Twitter followers

That’s uninviting…


4. Check the stream

Nope nothing worth following here… it’s a one way dialogue.

Twitter followers

I apologise to Kayman Recruitment that you have been the unfortunate example here. I am sure, whoever you are, you are all wonderful people worthy of my follow.


But you have to do your part

  1. Use a name we’ll recognise.
  2. Show us your lovely mug.
  3. Fill out your bio – use all of the 160 characters.
  4. Create a new cover photo – let us see who you are.
  5. Add links to your website, About.Me or LinkedIn profile
  6. Share tweets of value and insight.
  7. Engage and converse.

Then the next time someone sees you’ve followed, they’ll run the process above but this time, you’ll be followed back.


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How do you think you gain Twitter followers?