Twitter List Building

How automation ruins Twitter list building!

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Why can’t I automate my Twitter list building?

Because, quite simply, it doesn’t work. Creating a Twitter list based on somebody’s (potentially one off) use of a hashtag will only lead to a low quality list and that’s pointless, especially if you’re using Twitter lists for talent pooling.

Twitter lists allow you to segment the people you’re following, which is great when you want to keep in touch with specific people more often. But if you automate the process the quality drops, here are just a few of the irrelevant ones I’ve been added to.

I mean me & sports… LOL!

Twitter List building


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There’s enough going on in our everyday lives without being notified that we’ve been added to yet another Twitter list that has nothing to do with our skill set.

Yet it happens all the time! Why? Because people attempt to cut corners and automate Twitter list building!

Stop it and do this instead:



But don’t take my word for it…


Do you agree?