What if LinkedIn was gone tomorrow

What If LinkedIn Was Gone Tomorrow?

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New Year, New Look LinkedIn

What would you do if LinkedIn shut shop?

What an unexpected year 2016 has been. Who’d have thought we’d be ending the year with Brexit looming & Trump as President-elect? It just shows how little is in our control.

Did you see all the LinkedIn takeaways coming? I sure did, I’ve been writing about LinkedIn removing features from paying users for years. But with so much backlash over this latest set of changes, I really did stop and think, “What would I do if LinkedIn was gone tomorrow?”

Thankfully, I regularly download my connections and have built a business that isn’t reliant on delivering training exclusively on LinkedIn. In fact, I love teaching how to recruit on all of the other social media and niche sites, which are way more interesting anyway.

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…but enough about me, what advice do I have for you?

Well, as it’s the festive season, I decided to crowdsource a gift for you! I hope these experienced Sourcers & Recruiters inspire you to think differently:



With much love and thanks to Jim StroudKaren AzulaiJeff Newman, Ben GledhillKerri Mills and Erin Stevens for braving the camera to bring you these treats.

Over to you…

What would you do if LinkedIn was gone tomorrow?