What would 2013 have been like without others?

Christmas, an awkward time for job seekers
Predictions and resolutions, unlikely.

Life without others would be poor indeed

Doug.Shaw_Last week I received a beautiful hand made Christmas card and set of Stop Doing Dumb Things cards from Doug Shaw.

This particular card sums up my 2013, though it should really say, “people and dogs” ūüėČ

As 2013 draws to a close, I am thankful to the many people who have been along for the ride over the year. Including friends, family, clients and connections, new and old.

2014 is already looking exciting. Quoted in Identified’s Social Recruiting Predictions & Trends for 2014 (and watch out for an upcoming interview and webinar on G+), speaking at TMA’s Social Recruiting conference in NYC in July, and social recruiting workshops planned in Australia, I already have much to be grateful for.


And the year is yet to begin!

So to have just been named by Work4 as a thought leader that is changing the recruitment industry¬†is an unexpected honour. I’ve never really considered myself a thought leader, more someone who is determined to create a new path.

As an early adopter of social media, I’ve always been ahead when using it for recruitment. I saw social media as a better way for my clients to recruit and for my job seekers to connect to hiring companies. I’ve loved watching social recruiting evolve, especially over this year.

But¬†I couldn’t have created Winning Impression alone.

Leaving the security of a pay cheque to become a solopreneur requires passion, stamina, deep rooted self-belief and a network of supporters. People who encourage and cajole, a network I feel incredibly grateful to have.

mini-miracle-jarIt would be a very long post if I were to name every person who has touched my heart and helped me this year, let alone over the last 4.

You know who you are.

I keep a note of your kindness in my bright jar. Each one is a memory, a moment, a comment or a delight that has inspired me during the year. The minute, the massive, they are all there.

On the 31st, I will read them again and I know that I’ll be incredibly moved as I look ahead to 2014!



But why ‘people and dogs’?

BanjoWell, for¬†my non-dog-loving-think-I’m-a-little-obsessed readers, because they remind me to stop.

Nothing like a head butt from your furry mutt to remind you to do that!¬†Or this look on the left to remind me that I’m writing this on the weekend!

But also because they ensure that I get out and appreciate life. They give me time in my day that is free of thought and enables creativity. And as we walk past unhappy commuters, they remind me just how lucky I am to do what I love.




As you look back over your year, who are the people (and furry ones) who have enriched your life?

As you look forward, I hope you are inspired to get your own special jar and that it fills with magic moments & memories during 2014.