Your Easiest Talent Attraction Tool: Employee Engagement

Your Easiest Talent Attraction Tool: Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement, a talent attraction tool? Of course!

Two (more) things I love about technology:

  1. People can see how many job opportunities are out there, and
  2. it opens the door to your company so you have to look after your people!  

Employee engagement didn’t matter when I started working. Such a change to the working world in such a short period of time so different from when I began my career, which is a really good thing. A really good thing.

But if companies have improved their employee engagement, why aren’t they using those employees to shout it from the rooftops?

I know we talk about employer branding and EVP, which is usually controlled by marketing or HR… but shouldn’t it be, as Craig Fisher calls it, employee branding?

Here’s a little idea from CA Technologies, that you could easily implement too:



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Does letting your employees loose on social media fill you with fear?

I was chatting with Katrina Kibben at Recruiting Daily and she reminded me that not that long ago Facebook was banned. Taboo. A no-go site for employees…. and now Facebook is stepping (further) into recruitment, are employers ready?

It does surprise me that employers still have fear or confusion around social media, whether in regards to employees using it at all or just in relation to using it for recruitment. But, in this new age of transparency, it’s now a must use and, more importantly, a must use properly.

If you don’t know where to start or could be doing better ask me; schedule a call here or drop me a line.